Catalyze health across 6 million acres - protecting clean water, fish and wildlife, enriching lives and community safety - and engage the public in management and enjoyment of natural areas.

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Learning to Live with fire

Across the Pacific Northwest, we are experiencing longer, and more intense fire seasons driven by increasingly warmer and drier conditions in our forests. As temperatures increase, our forests are becoming more vulnerable to high-intensity fires.

But fire can be essential. As an ecological and cultural process, fire has shaped the diversity of life on this planet for millennia. Our strategy seeks to restore balance to the system by reframing the issue: we must learn to live safely with fire — embrace and manage it as a natural and necessary process.

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Restoration and Stewardship

We're strengthening forests, lands, and streams for wildlife habitat, clean water, and healthy and prosperous communities. 


It takes all of us working together to restore our lands. Collaboration is at the heart of what we do.

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Thriving communities mean thriving nature.

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