Get Involved: Advocate

We advocate at the state and national levels for policies that will benefit both nature and people. We support the bedrock environmental and conservation laws that contribute to human health and safety; protect lands, water, oceans, and wildlife; and support science. We encourage pragmatic, bipartisan, equitable solutions to climate change, recognizing that conservation success and human lives and livelihoods depend on bold, immediate action. We engage with all sides of government to show our policy leaders that investing in nature pays off, and that a healthy natural world means healthier communities. 

Your voice can make a difference in important policy decisions being made in Congress, at the legislature in Olympia, and at your own City Hall. Explore the issues we're focusing on and learn how to contact your representatives in government below.

Washington State Priorities

We're in Olympia every day working with lawmakers to make sure policies benefiting nature and people are on the agenda. We advocate for meaningful action to address climate change, and we’re building on previous years’ successes in forest health policy to support rural communities and fire-dependent ecosystems.  We’re sharing the success stories of programs like Floodplains by Design and projects like the Aurora Bridge Stormwater Solution to demonstrate how innovation and collaboration can be a game-changer for the environment and communities across Washington. And we’re supporting measures to make sure good environmental policy benefits everyone in Washington, no exceptions. To read more about our state legislative priorities for 2019, check out this blog post.

Make your voice heard in Olympia: The 2019 legislative session runs until April 28. You can visit your legislators in their offices during the week by appointment. Many state legislators host town hall meetings and informal chats in their home districts on weekends, too - your local newspaper will often publicize this information. During the interim - when the Legislature is not in session - your lawmakers are usually "at home" in their districts. 

To contact your state senator or representatives about an issue you care about, use this list to find their email addresses. If you don't know who represents you in Olympia, use this handy map on the Washington legislature's website to find out. 


Federal Policy Priorities

We've been working on saving the Land & Water Conservation Fund, fixing the way the Forest Service funds wildfire suppression, and ensuring our National Monuments remain protected, to name a few of our federal priorities. To take action on these and many other nationwide policy issues, please visit the Action Center on

How to contact your legislators

It's easy, and opportunities abound depending on how much time and effort you want to spend.

Federal government: Click the name of your Senators and Representative in Congress to be directed to their "Contact Me" pages, where you'll have the option to email, call, and/or visit in person.

Not sure which Washington your representatives are in on a given day? Download a 2019 Congressional Calendar from Roll Call here.

State government:  If you know who your state senator and representatives are, you can find their email addresses on this list.  If you don't know who represents you in Olympia, use this handy map on the Washington legislature's website to find out.

Thank you for supporting people and nature.