Mention conserving Puget Sound and people tend to immediately think of that big body of water. But if you live in Puget Sound, you know it’s more than water. Puget Sound is a diverse and magical region filled with cities, suburbs, islands, rural and agricultural areas, river valleys, foothills and so much more.

When we talk about Puget Sound, we’re thinking of the region that stretches from the crest of the Cascades to the crest of the Olympics, north to the international boundary line with Canada, and south to the slopes of Mount Rainier. 

As diverse as the region is, its conservation needs are equally diverse. Two-thirds of our state’s population lives around Puget Sound, creating a strain on our once-abundant natural resources. And more species of animals and plants live in and around the Sound than anywhere else in the state.

The demand for food, clean water, land and air has never been higher.  Meanwhile climate change is impacting the way we live – from the safety and well-being of communities to our food supply. The challenge for The Nature Conservancy in Washington is meeting the needs of people while taking care of nature.We can’t thrive without nature and nature can’t thrive without us!

With your support, we are tackling the biggest and most important issues in Puget Sound.

  • Our model program called Floodplains by Design brings together communities, agencies and funding sources to carry out large-scale water projects that benefit people and nature

  • Partnering with the farm community, we are working to strengthen environmental practices to protect land and water while helping farmers succeed

  • We’re protecting and restoring our most important rivers and shorelines to assure clean water for people, fish and animals

  • Our advocacy work in Olympia is creating funding to clean up the run-off from urban areas into the Sound

  • On land all around beautiful Puget Sound, we work with communities, governments and property owners on projects that care for the land and improve the quality of the water in Puget Sound

Puget Sound is the cultural and economic heart of Washington. It’s where we work, raise families and play. Join us as we celebrate Puget Sound and work to restore and protect the land and water we hold so dear.