Meet Matt Axling, Our New Yellow Island Steward

“You can’t see the entire world from the top of Everest. ... The view from there only reminds you how big the world is and how much more there is to see and learn.”  — Tenzing Norgay

Matt Axling

As the Yellow Island Steward, Matt is responsible for maintaining the unique Yellow Island prairie ecosystem, monitoring the Marine Protected Area around Yellow Island and welcoming visitors.  He draws on his background in environmental education and outdoor recreation to implement conservation and stewardship projects that are based on science and achieve tangible results.  

Before coming to the Nature Conservancy, Matt ran outdoor education and environment education programs for urban youth in Seattle and Albuquerque. He has led trips throughout the Pacific Northwest, American Southwest, Norway and Argentina.  He comes from a long line of islanders with multigenerational ties to Bainbridge Island and the San Juan Islands. In his free time, Matt enjoy kayaking, photography and traveling. 

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