celebrating our connections to Washington’s lands and waters

In Washington, our identity is shaped by rich resources and natural beauty. These photo essays celebrate our diverse connections to nature and the moments that speak to traditions while revealing our future.

Share your connection to Washington’s nature as a gift, in your home or office—or surprise a Washingtonian who’s moved away.

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Human/Nature photo collection


Across Washington, nature nourishes. We draw from the earth and its oceans for sustenance—to feed lives and livelihoods. However we enjoy our state’s vast bounty, we share a responsibility to respect and steward these resources.


From glacial mountaintops to old-growth giants, Washington’s nature offers dramatic departure from our daily lives. Whether we are hiking in the forest, cruising a lake, even a glancing out the window on a daily commute, the beauty of nature around us provides a canvas for reflection.


When we see nature as a part of who we are, we are inspired to protect it. Only when we take care of nature, can we reap its greatest rewards. The ways in which we prize and conserve our environment define the legacy we will leave.

All photography by Cameron Karsten.