Planting Trees for Thriving Communities

The trees in our cities and towns provide many benefits—cleaning the water flowing into Puget Sound; purifying the air we breathe; beautifying our neighborhoods; and so much more.

Embrace daily opportunities to find inspiration in the power of trees. And play your part in supporting their health. Learn how you can steward the trees in your community, or start just by telling your story. Join us as we celebrate being Rooted in Puget Sound.


Connecting with Trees
through Art and Story

We each connect to trees in different ways. Trees recall memories from our childhood, or spark inspiration a neighborhood walk. We value the benefits they provide for habitat and health. And for some, trees connect us to our ancestors.

Rooted Artists

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The Benefits of Urban Trees: Visual Resources

Tree canopy provides a suite of benefits to urban communities: improving water quality and quantity; mitigating the flow of water during heavy rains, capturing carbon; reducing air pollution; and moderating temperature during warmer months of the year. Watch our videos and click through our infographics to learn more about the benefits trees bring to Puget Sound cities.


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Take Action In Your City!
Volunteer Opportunities

Orca Recovery Day, October 19

We are a proud sponsor of this event aimed at a safe and healthy future for the Pacific Northwest’s orca whales. Join Conservation districts and organizations across the region to engage in actions that improve the conditions for this iconic local species. Find an opportunity in your community.

Green Cities Days, Multiple Dates

Join Green City Day events near you to help restore forested parks and connections to nature in 12 cities across the Puget Sound. 

Engage with Trees

Get a tree for your yard!  Support healthier neighborhoods:

  • Urban Tree Sale, Pierce County – Significantly discounted tree for your yard. Learn more.

  • Trees for Neighborhoods, City of Seattle – Free trees for your yard in Seattle – learn more

    More opportunities coming soon 

Learn about the trees in your community: