Meet Jessie Israel, Puget Sound Director




Jessie Israel has joined The Nature Conservancy as the Puget Sound Conservation Director.

In addition to leading our work to clean up and restore Puget Sound, she will also be the chief architect for advancing our work in urban areas. A fourth-generation Seattleite, she is well positioned to help make our cities more resilient and livable and develop natural solutions to stormwater and pollution.

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Jessie has spent more than a decade working with King County, where she has lead teams whose work represents the future of how organizations can best serve the needs of people and the environment in urban areas.

Most recently she has been the Resource Recovery Section Manager for King County Wastewater Utility and, prior to that, the Business Development & Partnership Section Manager for King County Parks.

A common theme throughout her career has been leading organizations through strategic planning, adaptive growth and innovation for conservation and the environment.

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As a public servant, consultant and non-profit leader, Jessie has a twenty year track record of bringing together groups to invest in local community development, environmental and equity issues. She has trained around the world on building public-private partnerships & developing sustainable communities. Israel has a long history of community service and has served on the boards of the GreatCity, Ballard Food Bank, CityYear and Women’s Political Caucus. Jessie spent more than two years as a volunteer with the United States Peace Corps in rural Guinea, West Africa and has a BA in Political Science from Seattle University.