Our region is famous for rivers, big fish and Puget Sound, and of course rain. But did you know flooding is becoming more frequent and severe? Increasingly communities, wildlife and livelihoods are threatened by water at the wrong time, in the wrong place, too much water or poor water quality.

There are innovative ways to keep communities safe, allow salmon and wildlife to thrive and protect farms and businesses. Floodplains by Design uses science, collaboration and partnership to create and integrate projects that improve flood protection for towns and farms, restore salmon habitats, improve water quality and enhance outdoor recreation.

We’ve created a model for funding and carrying out projects that make an impact. In 2013 nine projects used the Floodplains by Design approach to enhance floodplain management in the Puget Sound watershed. In 2014 additional projects received grants through the Washington Department of Ecology.


Puget Sound’s major rivers and their floodplains deliver a wealth of economic, natural and cultural benefits and make the region a place we all love to call home. With your support, we are protecting and enhancing these vital regions, for people and nature.


Bob Carey
Strategic Partnerships Director