Good News on Climate Front: Microsoft is going carbon-free in Puget Sound

By Mo McBroom, Government Relations Director

A new agreement between Microsoft and Puget Sound Energy (PSE) shows a way for private industry to lead on creating a cleaner, brighter future.

The two companies just announced Thursday an agreement that allows Microsoft to power its Puget Sound-area headquarters with carbon-free fuels.

View of an Eastern Washington wind farm from Swauk Creek Ranch. Photo by Anna Snook.

The agreement, approved by the Washington Utilities and Exchange Commission, lets Microsoft buy its power from the wholesale market or construct its own generation, while making commitments to:

• Procure only renewable and carbon-free energy resources,
• Maintain Microsoft’s contributions to PSE’s energy efficiency program, and
• Pay a $23.6 million transition fee that PSE will return to its customers. 

This agreement is significant for Washington and for the whole country. It’s an example of how private companies can lead on climate action, while benefiting the community as well as their own bottom line.

Let’s have more of this, please! Washington wins when we lead on climate.

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