by reducing carbon emissions and HARNESSING nature'S RESILIENCE,
WE CAN MEET THE challenge of climate change WHILE MAKING our state,
our communities and our economy stronger.

Climate change has arrived in Washington State, and much of what we love about this place that we call home is being affected. From severe floods to increased wildfires to rising public health risks, people all over our state are noticing that the climate is different and that both communities and nature are feeling the effects.

We’re bringing together Washingtonians of all backgrounds to hammer out practical solutions to climate change and galvanize the political will to implement them. We’re working championing carbon pricing and a clean-energy economy. At the same time, we’re making communities and nature more resilient, applying decades of experience and our deep knowledge of natural systems.

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More About Our Work

We’re bringing a science-based perspective on climate change adaptation to every aspect of our work – from fostering healthy forests that “breathe” carbon and clean our air to building partnerships that bring green solutions into Washington’s cities. By encouraging nature to provide its intrinsic protective qualities, we are helping to safeguard farms, fish, coasts and communities. 

Seattle skyline from West Seattle (© Photo by Jeff Marsh)

Seattle skyline from West Seattle (© Photo by Jeff Marsh)

Adapting to Change

In our growing urban environments, we are supporting green infrastructure, particularly in underserved communities where residents bear a greater burden from climate change.


To ensure our best chance at preventing future impacts, we are driving a coalition of diverse voices in advocacy for clean carbon laws that invest in energy alternatives—as well as a bright future.  


Forest health

We are restoring Washington’s iconic forests to health, diminishing the risk of catastrophic fire and working with communities to increase safety. 

Snoqualmie River aerial view. (Photo © Paul Joseph Brown.)

The Seattle skyline © John Marshall

A Changing Tide

Along Washington’s coasts, we are helping communities take care of the land and marine resources and set strategies that plan for rising seas. 


Fighting Floods

In river valleys where changing precipitation patterns are leading to increased flooding, we are innovating to manage water in ways that benefit people and nature.