Rooted in Puget Sound: Called to Action By Trees that Inspire


How does it feel when you are surrounded by trees? For many, it can provide a sense of calm and relaxation.  It has actually been demonstrated that exposure to trees and nature has a multitude of health benefits for people and communities.  Trees also support clean air and water. And it is not just the trees in our forests – it’s the trees we walk by on the street in our cities and towns.

Let’s celebrate these trees and how we connect them – and work together to support the health of the tree canopy in our urban spaces.  Rooted in Puget Sound is a space to do just this – an opportunity to share our love for trees and the stories of we connect with them. 

Do you have a story you’d like to tell about a tree from your childhood? Would you like to express your love of a favorite trees through a poem, a photography, video or painting?  Share it for a chance to win a prize!  Include #RootedinPugetSound on Twitter or Instagram to enter.  / (URL:!

You also have opportunities to build new connections with trees through this campaign:

·         Check out how some local artists are inspired by the trees around us

·         Connect with local projects and volunteer! Check out local organizations working throughout Puget Sound to care for and plant more trees

·         Visit us at a local event – check out where you can find us this summer.

By working together, we can all get more trees rooted in Puget Sound.