Youth Make Their Voices Heard on Climate Change

April 22 is Earth Day, but all month long there are plenty of opportunities to honor Earth, celebrate science, and commit to greener habits.

Our planet has never needed our care more than now. Climate change is making storms stronger, summers drier and sea levels higher. The risks to our kids’ future will only grow without action. This month provides a great opening to talk about climate change, with a message of urgency, action and optimism of our power to change course for a greener future.

Youth rally on the Capitol steps in Olympia to make their voices heard on climate change. © TNC

Today, in fact, youth are leading the way, raising their collective voice for the Nationwide Youth Lobby Day in capitals across the country. This energy and commitment from  young people when it comes to climate is incredibly encouraging. Here is what the organizers have to say:

Talking With Your Family

If you want to expand the conversation to your family, check out these resources:

We are the generations most impacted by climate change, and we will soon make up the largest voting demographic in the United States’ electorate. Let’s show our lawmakers our power by coming together and demanding that they fight for an equitable transition to a clean energy economy.

States are the laboratories for important policy wins on the national level, like marriage equality and healthcare reform. 2018 ushered in new climate friendly majorities in statehouses across the country. We can set the national agenda for 2020 by pushing for strong climate policy, right now.

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