A Cultural Exchange for Global Conservation

Photo credit: Bethany Goodrich, Sustainable Southeast Partnership
Photo credit: Michael Reid, TNC Canada

Every four years, the World Conservation Congress invites several thousand leaders and practitioners from government, academia, business, and indigenous and local communities to share their conservation goal, accomplishments, and challenges. This year, TNC Canada sponsored a group of Indigenous leaders from the Emerald Edge (British Columbia, Alaska, and Washington) to participate in this event and vocalize key issues felt on the ground in the Pacific Northwest. 

The pre-congress gathering, which was held in O'ahu, Hawaii, brought together cultures from over 30 different countries to discuss global conservation problems and connect with each other to move towards creating cohesive protection for our planet and people. View the gallery above for photos of the World Conservation Congress gathering.  

The Nature Conservancy's work in the Emerald Edge includes communication and collaboration with First Nations, tribes, and local communities throughout the region to protect and restore these valuable ecosystems for people and nature. 


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