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The Pacific Northwest is a unique place to forge a vision for the relationship between people and nature. We have a rich diversity of lands, waters and wildlife. We are rich in natural and social capital. We are a global hub of business, trade, innovation and philanthropy. Innovation drives both our economic engine and our approach to creative problem solving. We have proven models of collaboration. We have a deep love for nature, we recognize the benefits nature provides us and we have a proud history of conservation.

The hallmark of our approach is our ability to achieve large-scale, long-lasting results that benefit places and build communities of people with a common vision. We do this by relying on four key strengths:

Innovative by Nature

We are science-based and solution oriented. We learn from nature and the people closest to the lands, waters and wildlife we work to conserve. With innovation and collaboration, we find solutions to the toughest challenges.

Network of Relationships

We believe the best solutions are inspired and informed by diverse coalitions of people, including resource users, tribes, business, elected officials and local communities. We have decades of experience bringing people together around a vision, deploying practical tools and knowledge from science, conservation, finance and coalition building, and generating the resources and community support critical to sustaining major efforts over time.

Place-Based Experience

The Conservancy has worked in Washington and the Pacific Northwest for over 50 years. We know Washington’s landscapes and people intimately. We live and work across the region. We have a tremendous personal and professional stake in our success.

Global Reach

Through our work across the United States and in 35 countries, we are part of an unprecedented global network of volunteers, local leaders and practitioners all learning from one another. This ability to tap into a reservoir of knowledge and experience, share and apply the latest, best science and work on multiple scales makes us more effective and efficient.


Our Impact

Protect treasured places, iconic wildlife and irreplaceable natural systems through creative models of science, collaboration, finance and conservation action.

Transform forestry, fishing, agriculture, natural area management, water management, business and industry through innovation, demonstrating how nature and communities can both prosper.

Inspire a movement that strengthens the relationship between people and nature, creating healthy communities, thriving natural resources and a commitment to the environment.