building Connections Between YOUR TABLE AND a Healthy PlaneT

Across the state, we rely on nature to help us set a table with delicious food.

Healthy land, clean air, fresh water, and thriving oceans in turn feed our economy and ensure the livelihoods of Washington’s farmers, fisherman, foragers and shellfish growers. 


Salmon from the Skagit River. Mushrooms foraged in the forest. Ripe red apples and sweet, crisp carrots. Fresh, briny oysters that smell of the sea. What's on your Washington plate?

From protecting forests that shade the Yakima Valley watershed to restoring floodplains that support farmers alongside wildlife, from conserving habitat so salmon can thrive to working with fishermen on sustainable practices, we're partnering to preserve and evolve Washington's agricultural legacy. Scroll through our stories below to learn more.

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cONNECTING Conservation and agriculture


The food, fish, wine and beer harvested throughout our state are threatened by climate change, and increasing development for a growing population adds to the stress on farms and fisheries. Conservation can play a vital role in protecting these precious agricultural resources and the natural environments they depend upon.