Students, TNC staff and Tilth staff plant native species in a section of the Rainier Beach Urban Farm. Photo by Hannah Letinich.

Climate change caused by carbon pollution threatens our lands, waters and communities, which we have been working to protect for nearly 60 years. We see its impact in flooding in rivers and coastal areas, bigger and more frequent forest fires, changing ocean conditions, and changing water supply.

As Washingtonians, we pride ourselves in our ability to work together to tackle big problems through innovation. Together we have the chance to take bold action that moves us towards a clean and prosperous future and models an approach for the rest of the world.

Initiative 1631 will drive investments to prepare Washington for future where people and nature thrive, while also tackling carbon pollution that damages our health right now and contributes to climate change. It will invest in job-creating projects in clean energy, securing our water supply, forests, farms and marine resources, and preparing communities for climate change.