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McCartney Creek Fence Repair - FULL

Near Ephrata, WA


Note: Thank you for the overwhelming response to this volunteer event! At this time we cannot accept anymore signups. Please consider our other volunteer opportunities!

Help us repair fencing at the McCartney Creek Preserve. Here we are protecting and restoring the fabled sagebrush country of wide-open skies, dramatic geology, and amazing desert species. Volunteer are needed to assist us in both repairing fencing, and installing wildlife markers that aid in visibility to reduce incidences of birds flying into the wire.

With its Ice Age floodcarved, steep-walled coulees, its pothole lakes, dunes, haystack boulders, waterfalls and scablands—this area is home to a rich and fragile mosaic of rare living things. Between the shrubs and grasses grow a profusion of wildflowers, including sulfur lupine and the vibrant bitterroot, long a favorite food harvested by native peoples.

Totaling more than 30,000 acres, The Nature Conservancy’s Moses Coulee/Beezley Hills Preserve is an especially rich and diverse example of Washington’s shrub-steppe.

Photo by Julie Edwards

Please RSVP for complete information on where to meet and what to bring, and we look forward to seeing you!

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