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Work Party on the Sauk River


Volunteers will be helping us pulling a noxious weed known as Policeman’s helmet/Jewelweed/Himalayan Balsam at our Smith Preserve near Rockport, WA.


The Smith Preserve protects a landscape mosaic of upland forest, wetlands, flood channels and extensive riparian habitat along the Wild and Scenic Sauk River. This site supports natural processes that create habitat for salmon and other wildlife across a larger connected landscape of protected land along the Sauk. Policeman's helmet, also known as jewelweed or Himalayan balsam, thrives in moist areas and riparian zones. This noxious weed from Asia can produce up to 800 seeds, which are viable for 18 months or more and can even germinate under water so seeds spread quickly downstream. When touched, the mature seedpods split and eject seeds up to 20 feet. This plant out competes desirable native species and is controlled mechanically through hand-pulling. This volunteer event will be held in collaboration with Skagit Land Trust on TNC's Smith Preserve!

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If you require transportation: -You will need to arrive at 7:30a at our Belltown office. -Free garage parking is available. -You will get dropped off at our Belltown office after the event is over. We will be back around ~4-5pm. -More information will be sent to you once your spot is confirmed. Space is limited and is first-come first-served.

Participants will receive a reminder email with more detailed information 1 week before the event. Transportation not included.