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Moxee Bog Trash Cleanup

Yakima County, WA


Join us for a day of care and beautification for the first TNC preserve in Washington.  Moxee Bog was established to protect habitat for the rare Silver-bordered fritillary butterfly, due to a history of associated sightings and a resident population of Northern Bog Violets (a host plant for the butterfly). 

Over the years, encounters with the butterfly have waned, but the preserve still boasts a rich variety of native wetland flora amidst the highly cultivated Moxee Valley.  As development continues to encroach on this formerly rural landscape, the preserve has suffered an increase of illegal trash dumping. 

With your help we can publicly demonstrate that thereโ€™s value in natural areas like Moxee Bog, beyond just the convenience of a roadside dump.

Please RSVP for complete information on where to meet and what to bring, and we look forward to seeing you!

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