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Cancelled: Barker Mountain Resilience & Restoration Thinning

This event is being rescheduled for the fall, stay tuned for the date.

We invite you out to the northernmost range of the Sagebrush Steppe here in the US.  Nestled in the Okanogan Highlands, Barker Mountain preserve is a picturesque landscape, where sagelands & the dry conifer forests weave together a complex ecology of plant and animal communities. 

Prior to settlement, wildfires maintained an open park-like forest and orchestrated the ebb and flow between large blocks of shrubland and the trees.  With fire suppression, conifer encroachment into sagebrush and the buildup of young pine are compromising the integrity of these ecosystems, while increasing the potential for stand replacing wildfire. 

During this project, volunteers will continue our efforts to curb the advance of conifer invasion into the shrub-steppe habitat, and help mitigate effects of high intensity

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