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McCartney Creek Fence Replacement

Help us repair fencing at the McCartney Creek Preserve. Here we are protecting and restoring the fabled sagebrush country of wide-open skies, dramatic geology, and amazing desert species. 

With its Ice Age floodcarved, steep-walled coulees, its pothole lakes, dunes, haystack boulders, waterfalls and scablands—this area is home to a rich and fragile mosaic of rare living things. Between the shrubs and grasses grow a profusion of wildflowers, including sulfur lupine and the vibrant bitterroot, long a favorite food harvested by native peoples.

Totaling more than 30,000 acres, The Nature Conservancy’s Moses Coulee/Beezley Hills Preserve is an especially rich and diverse example of Washington’s shrub-steppe.

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Earlier Event: March 19
Beezley Hills Fence Repair