Let's Celebrate the Outsider in All of Us!

It’s summer in the Pacific Northwest! We’re honoring outdoor enthusiasts in Washington and Oregon, learning what nature brings to you and how you give back.

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Get out there, and explore all that Washington has to offer!

Explore Your Public Lands

The public lands we enjoy in Washington and Oregon may seem effortlessly gorgeous, but a lot of work goes into maintaining and protecting these special places. Learn more about the partnerships that keep your backyard beautiful.

Nature gives us so much.

Learn how you can give back.

The forests and mountains of Washington are full of incredible trails with stunning views! Traveling by foot is an unforgettable way to experience the wilderness.

The Nature Conservancy protects forestlands throughout the state, and our work to improve forests secures irreplaceable habitat for species that call the forest home and assures beautiful places for you to hike.

Are you looking for great hikes throughout the state? Our friends at the Washington Trails Association maintain a great guide. 

The landscape in Washington state is one of the most welcoming, beautiful environments in the world. Our state’s numerous lands and waters help families feel at home in nature. The Nature Conservancy protects more than 118,000 acres throughout the state! Our work to improve the lands and waters that we depend on means you can experience the beauty of Washington night after night and assures you’ll always feel at home when you’re outdoors.

Looking for a great camping experience? Washington State Parks boast campgrounds throughout the state, in nearly every ecosystem imaginable!

Nothing beats getting out on the water and letting a current take you somewhere new! Washington’s wealth of rivers and lakes offer seemingly unlimited opportunities for world-class kayaking, canoeing, rowing, and paddle boarding. Though freshwater bodies are resilient, many are stressed by pollution, climate change, and loss of forests that protect and shade. The Nature Conservancy is improving the health of rivers, expanding habitat, helping communities stay safe from floods, and assuring you have a place to paddle.

Washington's public lands are meant for the enjoyment and exploration of all, and several state agencies and private partners maintain useful resources that highlight ADA-accessible hiking trails and other outdoor activities. Here are a some links to help you locate accessible adventures throughout the state.

TrailLink Washington Wheelchair Accessible Trails Map

Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife: ADA Access

We're working hard to connect our urban communities to nature! Our research shows 62 percent of kids polled say lack of transportation keeps them from experiencing the outdoors. Fortunately, public transit systems offer a great way to experience Washington's nature.

Our friends at TOTAGO (Turn Off The App - Go Outside) help you find public transit and shuttles to recreational destinations throughout the state. And if you're not sure where to go, you can visit TOTAGO's Tumblr Page for inspiration from the car free adventures of other hikers. 

If you're looking for outdoor adventures around the Seattle area, King County has a new shuttle service, Trailhead Direct, which provides weekend bus service to three trailheads in the Issaquah Alps.