The following projects were funded through the Washington Coast Restoration Initiative, a community driven effort to create jobs and restore coastal waters, in the 2015 legislative session.

Project Name



Project Description

Black River Watershed Conservation & Restoration

Capitol Land Trust

 $          650,000

This project will conserve and restore 54 acres of degraded wetlands on the Black River and 40 acres of the Tilley wetland complex

Cathlamet Selective Fisheries

Wahkiakum County Port District

 $          300,000

This project will provide skills and tools to commercial fishermen to develop new processing and marketing opportunities for innovative gears and nets.

Coal Creek Culvert to Bridge

Pacific Coast Salmon Coalition

 $          162,000

This project will replace a small existing culvert with a bridge to allow for greater fish passage

Darlin Creek Conservation & Restoration

Capitol Land Trust

 $      1,300,000

This project will acquire 313 acres for permanent conservation and restore over 100 acres of diverse wetland and riparian habitat.

Ellsworth Creek Watershed Restoration

The Nature Conservancy

 $          950,000

The Ellsworth restoration program is designed to restore the health and function of the entire 5,000 acre Ellsworth Creek watershed by removing unneeded roads and bridges

Greenhead Slough Barrier Removal

Sustainable Fisheries Foundation

 $            75,000

This project will replace the existing blocking culvert with a 70x26 ft steel bridge to allow for greater fish passage

Improved Gears for the Lower Columbia Fishery

Wild Fish Conservancy and WDFW

 $          200,000

This project will quantitatively assess gear effectiveness and evaluate the ability of pound nets to provide sustainable futures for local Columbia River commercial fisheries and communities, potentially reducing unwanted catch of endangered species

Lower Forks Creek Restoration


 $      2,150,000

The restoration will remove several in-stream concrete structures that are below the hatchery facility and will improve channel diversity, channel stability and the ability to capture gravels.

Makah Tribe Salmon Restoration

Makah Tribe

 $          174,000

This project will improve forest and stream habitat through road abandonment and upgrades, improving water quality and quantity, and benefitting coho, steelhead, chum, and chinook salmon. 

Middle Fork Hoquiam Culvert Correction

Chehalis Basin Fisheries Taskforce

 $            76,000

This project will open more than 2.65 miles of blocked stream habitat

Middle Fork Satsop Culvert Correction

Grays Harbor Conservation District

 $            97,000

This project will replace culverts with bridges to open 9 miles of stream for spawning and rearing habitat. 

Moses Prairie Restoration Project

Quinault Indian Nation

 $            64,000

This restoration project will burn 10-20 acres of overgrown Moses Prairie bog land in 2016 to restore fish and wildlife habitat and native plants.

Pulling Together:  Jobs in Restoration

10,000 Years Institute

 $          550,000

This innovative project will create local watershed SWAT teams for early control of invasive plants that harm salmon and wildlife habitats, impact timber production, and which are toxic to people and livestock. 

Quinault Nearshore Habitat Restoration

Quinault Indian Nation

 $          343,000

This project will remove derelict crab pots and fishing gear from 155 square miles of Pacific Ocean habitat

Restoration of Elochoman and Grays River Basins

Wahkiakum County MRC

 $          535,000

This funding would allow culvert replacement in Clear Creek and at another small tributary of the Elochoman River

Restoration of Prairies and Wetlands

Center for Natural Lands Management

 $          200,000

This project will remove and control pest plants over hundreds of acres and plant 100,000 native plants annually

Rue Creek Salmon Restoration

Pacific Conservation District and Pacific County

 $          982,000

This project will restore the health and function of approximately 6.5 miles of habitat.

Satsop River Watershed Restoration

Center for Natural Lands Management

 $          150,000

This project will restore approximately 50 acres of riparian habitat spanning over 100 river miles through seasonal monitoring, remove invasive species, and plant native woody species.  

Scammon Creek Barrier Removal

Lewis County Public Works

 $          188,000

This project will restore salmon access to an additional 10.98 miles of potential habitat

Sullivan Ponds Restoration

Pacific Coast Salmon Coalition

 $            43,000

This restoration project will enhance and expand on overwintering ponds on the North Fork of the Calawah River in Clallam County

Upper Quinault River Restoration

Quinault Indian Nation

 $      1,900,000

This innovative project uses engineered logjams and forest restoration techniques to improve and restore in-stream salmon habitat, riparian forests, and floodplains in the 12 mile restoration reach in the upper Quinault River valley

West Fork Satsop Culvert Correction

Grays Harbor Conservation District

 $            96,000

This project will remove fish barriers along tributaries to the Satsop River


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