Wildfires in Washington

By Cathy Baker, Federal Government Relations Director

Every time I drive over Snoqualmie Pass, my thoughts quickly turn from the lack of snow to the fire challenges we are almost certain to face this summer.

Disease, beetle infestation and declining funding for treatment have increased the intensity and frequency of forest fires. But recent legislation in Congress is giving our scientists hope for reversing this trend.

The Wildfire Disaster Funding Act funds wildfires like other emergencies, ensuring that forest improvement and conservation programs are not raided when wildfire suppression funds are depleted.

WDFA brings certainty for the Forest Service and for fire fighters, allowing them to actually tackle the unhealthy forests that are the root of the problem.

That’s why we’re particularly grateful for Senator Cantwell’s recent reaffirmation of support for the Wildfire Disaster Funding Act at a Senate Natural Resources Committee hearing.

You can take a look at Senator Cantwell’s remarks and send her a note of thanks.