Make Your Voice Heard on Climate!

We hope many of you have had a chance to read this opinion column in the Seattle Times on climate change by Mary Ruckelshaus and Josh Lalwer, two eminent climate scientists and members of our Board of Trustees.

Want to lend your voice to support action on climate? Send a quick note to your legislators! Here are a few talking points that you can use:

Dear Senator/Representative
I read the opinion column by trustees from The Nature Conservancy about actions our state could take to respond to climate change.
I hope that you will support actions in Olympia to reduce carbon emissions and help our state prepare for the impact of climate change.
Please support investments in flood risk reduction through the Floodplains by Design program, wildfire risk reduction through the Department of Natural Resources forest health request and water storage solutions in the state capital budget.
Thank you

Clean air, clean water, healthy forests, healthy rivers and a healthy Puget Sound are at the top of The Nature Conservancy’s list. State funding is essential to protect and strengthen these natural resources on which our quality of life and our livelihoods depend. The Conservancy and our allies in the Washington Environmental Priorities Coalition and Washington Wildlife and Recreation Coalition are working every day to keep these priorities top of mind for the Legislature as well.

Don’t know how to contact your legislators? Look up your legislators here!