Floodplains By Design Takes the Spotlight

Orting has proof that working with nature to manage flood risks can pay off—and Mayor Joe Pestinger is writing about it in the Seattle Times!

The Nature Conservancy is leading a coalition of advocates to secure funding for this new way of managing and restoring rivers—Floodplains by Design. It’s an innovative new approach to protecting communities most at risk of flooding while also restoring fish habitat and creating outdoor recreation opportunities.

In partnership with the Department of Ecology, we test drove this approach in 2013. The Legislature funded projects on 11 rivers around Washington, including on the Puyallup River. We’ve been seeing great payoff to date, including the celebrated success story in Orting.

It’s not just Orting that sees the benefits. Take a look at this video by Washington State Dairy Federation Executive Director and farmer Jay Gordon on the Floodplains by Design program: 

We’re seeking to institutionalize this important approach in the legislature this year. We’re asking for $50 million in funding to address the most compelling projects all across the state. The benefits in avoided costs from flooding to farms, businesses and homes will be tremendous.