Working in a Dream Called Yellow Island


Experiencing our work on Yellow Island up close

Written and Photographed by Dennis and Stephanie Burgart, Contracts and Conservation Programs Coordinator

I got to experience firsthand our gem tucked away in the island chains of Puget Sound, our Yellow Island Preserve.

On one glorious sunny day I was easily transported to a dream with the whirl of hummingbirds, rustling of the madrone leaves, and the plethora of wildflowers. The trail, which is really a bucolic footpath that Elizabeth Bennett would adore, transported me from one rocky spit to another, while providing salt water views that healed the soul. Nature Conservancy members were definitely treated to this experience the first weekend of May, and I had the pleasure of joining them.

I gave my directions on eating and bathrooms (there are none), and then enjoyed the boat ride. Captain Matt was superb at piloting the brand new craft (Black Fish III), and even gave insight into the names of islands we passed, or a fun fact about them. The flowers were in full bloom under the rays of a gorgeous spring sun, and after disembarking on the beach all of the members and staff strolled the path and enjoyed the spoils of nature. This was truly a day that displayed the meaning behind our mission.

I wanted to get out to this tiny preserve to better educate myself on the diversity of lands we work to conserve, because it is a personal mission to see my organizationโ€™s mission in action, and to share it with my husband. We both adore the outside world, and I knew he would love coming out to Yellow Island to show off his photography skills. I love my job!