Beautiful Day on Dabob Bay

By Lauren Miheli, Community Engagement and Volunteer Programs Specialist

When you plan a volunteer event for an autumn day in Washington, you're asking volunteers to brave the rain and blustery weather to get the work done. You're going through a mental checklist of the rain gear you will need to bring and steadying yourself to try to maintain a cheerful spirit as you work in the gray.

So imagine the delight of our volunteers when they showed up to Dabob Bay to pull weeds late in October and were greeted with the most perfect autumn day, with clear skies, beautiful fall foliage and temperatures in the 60s with barely a breeze.

Volunteers were treated to not only perfect weather, but also to an informative tour by our partners at Rock Point Oyster, sightings of porpoises, a bald eagle and a great blue heron on this trip to pull invasive scotch broom. The day was an all-around success. The scotch broom issue seemed to have lessened from past years, and volunteers were able to pull every plant in sight.

With all that nature has to give, we are grateful to have the support of caring people who are willing to give back, with nothing more than some beautiful scenery and wildlife sightings in return.

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