Videos: Our Wishes for Nature in the New Year

Our staff members are sharing their wishes for nature in the new year. With your support, last year marked significant milestones toward building a world where nature and people thrive together. This year, consider making a resolution to continue this momentum through a donation to make our team's wishes come true and support the work of The Nature Conservancy in Washington.

Corinna Hanson, our Moses Coulee land manager, would like to see the threat of wildfire reduced for the benefit of native fauna.

Darcy Batura, our Central Cascades community coordinator, would like to see even greater progress for forest restoration in our state.

Jenny Baker, our senior restoration manager, would like to see more progress for local communities' salmon restoration efforts.

Randi Shaw, our Stewardship manager, would like to see more people experiencing nature on public lands in the new year.

Jodie Toft, our senior marine ecologist, would like our marine ecosystems and fisheries to thrive for years to come.

Jessie Israel, our Puget Sound conservation director, would like more to see more nature in our everyday lives.

Banner photo ยฉ Photo by Michael Durham.