green wall

Creating Seattle's Largest Living Wall

Photos by Marissa Singleton

As an industrial zoned region located next to the Duwamish River, a newly added Superfund site, Georgetown residents are burdened with a few less than desirable environmental factors. A big concern for Georgetown residents is centered around declining air quality due to industrial facilities, frequent freight trains and large diesel trucks. After years of research, it is believed that residents living in South Seattle are expected to live 13 years less than those who live in other neighborhoods. In addition, the rates of childhood asthma in South Seattle are found to be the highest in the entire city. With more and more evidence clearly pointing out a public health issue for Georgetown residents, it became apparent that action was necessary. 

King County Wastewater Treatment Division, Just Health Action, and Duwamish River Clean Up Coalition joined forces and began researching potential solutions to air quality issues. This lead to the development of a 126 feet long and 13 feet high green wall in front of CDL Recycle facility in Georgetown. The green wall will help filter harmful toxins from the air with carefully selected plants to improve air-quality in industrial neighborhoods. On October 22nd, volunteers came together to begin planting vines near the wall which will slowly grow up the 13 foot tall structure. View the picture slideshow above to see volunteers in action and stay tuned for photo updates on the living green wall.