Healing in the Land: August Photo of the Month

Written & Photographed by Kamini Fonseca, BSc. 

Loowit Falls chunders downward with thousands of gallons of glacial melt per hour at the foot of the blast zone on Mount St. Helens.

Starting early in the day, I begin a 27 mile round trip Adventure into the blast zone with a sunset return in mind. The wildflowers are plethorus! Purple Lupine, Yellow False Daisies, Yellow and Black Arnica, and Giant Red Paint Brush all add to the surreal environment.

I find it very powerful and confirming to return to Mount Saint Helens after 26 years to see the incredible regrowth as I begin a new, myself, after a massive Traumatic Brain Injury.

My camera provides me with an integral aspect of healing as it offers an intense mental detail when my physical body requires rest. I'm classically trained as an Exercise Scientist and Wilderness Responder with FEMA credentials, so I'm well-versed at community health and how nature can support healthy minds and bodies.

I lead lots of educational adventures in and outside of Seattle when I'm not making house calls during the week. I specialize in High Performance Training, Functional Neurology and Chronic Pain Management with sports medicine and Natural Science.

My current Community Wellness goal for my photos is to implement them as tools for reducing stress in healthcare settings patient waiting rooms and hospitals. 

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