arbor day


A Celebration of Trees & the Community

Arbor Day in Bellevue, Washington

Photography by Tomas Corsini

There’s no perfect way to celebrate the beauty of Washington than by giving back to the planet. This Earth Month, we joined the Bellevue Parks and Community Services in this great celebration of nature.

See pictures from this year’s celebration that also marks the city’s 24th year of being recognized as a Tree City USA by the Arbor Day Foundation (and 22nd year as a National Arbor Day Foundation Growth Award recipient). We had a great time at the event, enjoying volunteer projects, a tree-planting ceremony and a family festival! 


Spring in Full Swing at Yakima Arbor Day

Written and Photographed by Ryan Haugo, Senior Forest Ecologist

Arbor Day. This has become an annual tradition for my family and many in the Yakima Valley. It is a wonderful community gathering of the many conservation and community minded groups in the Yakima Valley, celebrating trees and love of nature! 

This year my daughters particularly loved being able to get up close with cute adult and baby great horned owls! Another highlight was stopping by the Yakima Basin Wildlife Recovery Board and Mid-Columbia Fisheries Enhance Group table and learning a neat device to remember the 5 species of native salmon in Washington with your five fingers.

Thumb = Chum Salmon
First Finger = stick in someone’s eye = Sockeye Salmon
Middle Finger = biggest finger = king finger = King Salmon (aka Chinook)
Ringer Finger = silver wedding ring = Silver Salmon (aka Coho)
Pinky Finger = Pink Salmon

In addition to being a dependably windy day, Arbor Day in Yakima means that spring is in full swing across the Yakima Valley and that it’s time to get outside and enjoy nature.