September Photo of the Month: Pictures at Picturesque Picture Lake


An unforgettable moment captured in the Pacific Northwest.

Written and Photographed by Valeriy Poltorak, Northwest Photographer

Bright and early one morning in August, long before the sun was out I decided to drive north and chase the sunrise. The drive out to Mount Baker National Forest was a very scenic but lengthy one from Tacoma so it made for quite the early morning. Despite the many hours of driving it took to get to this point it was well worth the early adventure.

Picture Lake and it’s surroundings offer gorgeous views, which are easily accessible year round. Whether or not you’re a morning person the experience you’ll get while visiting this beautiful park is one that I highly recommend. From sunrise to sunset the still water, lush greens and colorful skies create a moment that you’ll never forget!

Moments like this are the perfect reminder of why I enjoy exploring the great outdoors and the natural world around me! Discovering hidden trails, hiking up mountain ranges or even just walk along the beach the Pacific Northwest offers many unforgettable views that are just waiting to be captured! Take a moment today to go out and discover a park or natural area around you, guaranteed you will not be disappointed!

Valeriy Poltorak (@Mrvalography) is a photographer in the Pacific Northwest who enjoys sharing his journey and story in a visually captivating perspective. Traveling to all areas of the globe he is prepared to capture any moment without hesitation! See his work.