Why We March

By Mike Stevens, Washington State director, The Nature Conservancy

The March for Science on April 22

The Nature Conservancy is joining the March for Science, here in Seattle, in Washington D.C., and in cities around the country.

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To protect our planet’s resources for people and nature, we need science. Consistent use of evidence-based science allows us to identify the greatest challenges we face today — from climate change to increasing demand for natural resources. Science enables us to develop conservation strategies and nature-based solutions, and target tactics to be most effective and yielding the biggest benefits. It allows us to be innovative and cutting-edge, working faster and smarter. And it allows us to monitor what is working, to bring best practices to scale.

Emily Howe, Aquatic Ecologist, and Ryan Haugo, Senior Forest Ecologist, conduct stream-temperature monitoring in the Central Cascades. Photo by Zoe van Duivenbode / TNC.

So on Earth Day 2017 we march! The Nature Conservancy will be out in force in Washington, D.C., in Seattle and in cities around the country making a visible statement for the value of science in our work and in our world. The March for Science provides an outward facing and tangible opportunity to stand up for our belief that science matters and that our planet cannot survive and thrive without it.

Mike Stevens

Mike Stevens

Our support for science isn’t always as visible as a march. In Washington and around the world, The Nature Conservancy employs more than 600 scientists, including demographers, climate modelers, economists, ecosystem-service scientists, engineers, conservation scientists and science-communication specialists. The Nature Conservancy is the largest science-based conservation organization in the world. We advocate in Olympia and in Washington, D.C., for science-based approaches and funding for science.

Take a stand for science and join us Saturday April 22 at Seattle’s March for Science. (And join us April 18 at our Seattle offices to make signs for the event.) 

From the People's Climate March in Seattle in 2015. Photo © TNC

From the People's Climate March in Seattle in 2015. Photo © TNC

At this critical time in history, we need your voice, and we need science! It inspires us to act by showing a path toward a world where both nature and people can thrive together. With science, we have the knowledge we need to keep our lands and waters strong, healthy and productive for future generations.

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