Meet the Outsider: Billy Brings You Beer With an Environmental Conscience

Billy Nick is THE Ninkasi road warrior —  events strategist for the Ninkasi Brewing Company, a craft brewery based in Eugene, Ore., that counts environmental sustainability among its top priorities.

Whether sharing beers in a remote desert location for a bunch of overlanders or creating a Ninkasi experience in your neighborhood, Billy (with his puppy Oso) knows how to bring Ninkasi and good times to the people. 

Billy and Oso outside in Oregon. Photo courtesy Billy Nick.

Billy and Oso outside in Oregon. Photo courtesy Billy Nick.

I make time to be an Outsider because "it always provides a humbling experience that helps ground you moving forward in life."

The time I spend in nature brings "peace" to my daily life.

Nature challenges me by "constantly reminding me how powerful the natural forces around us are."

My favorite moments spent outside are "usually filled with good friends and family."

My favorite thing about hiking is "it provides exercise and is challenging."

My favorite place to hike is "the Mckenzie because it is local and beautiful."

Nature brings me "clarity" and I give back to nature by "leaving things better than I found them."

Banner Photo by Bryon Dorr.