Live Expert Panel: Conservation for the Anthropocene Ocean

Can fish help feed 9 billion people? Since the vast ocean defies boundaries, who is responsible for its care? What does ocean health mean to the health of coastal tribal communities? Join an engaging, online panel Thursday morning to learn more about the expansive yet intricate complexities of our oceans in the Anthropocene Era—the geological age of humankind.

Edward Allison, PhD; Professor, Marine & Environmental Affairs, University of Washington
Katie Arkema, PhD; Lead Scientist, Natural Capital Project, Stanford University
Phillip Levin, PhD; Lead Scientist, The Nature Conservancy in Washington; Professor of Practice, College of the Environment, University of Washington
Melissa Poe, PhD; Social Scientist, Washington Sea Grant and NOAA Northwest Fisheries Science Center
Terre Satterfield, PhD; Director, Institute for Resources, Environment and Sustainability, University of British Columbia
Jenna Sullivan, graduate student; Department of Integrative Biology, Oregon State University

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