Of Budding Interest: Guess These Flowering Plants

By Nikolaj Lasbo, digital/social marketing manager

Spring has sprung in Western Washington — although it might not quite feel like it yet. But on schedule, flowering plants bud and blossom in dazzling array. 

I recently moved into a house in North Seattle whose yard is classified as Certified Wildlife Habitat, meaning native plants and other features foster habitat for local wildlife. It's been a joy this spring watching the garden's plants pop up from their winter slumber. It's truly "nature nearby" to have this small Eden in my yard.  

I took the opportunity last weekend to photograph, up close, many of the flowering plants. This is the start of a series we're calling "Nature Up Close" — publishing macro photography shots of familiar natural plants and animals, and other features, and letting you guess what they are! A day after we've published the macro shots, we'll zoom out to reveal the subject of the photos.  

And upload your own macro photography in the form at the bottom to be featured on this blog later this month!