Our Top 9 Nature Halloween Costume Ideas

By Stephanie Williams, Program Coordinator

If you are in desperate need of a nature-based costume idea, check out these Nature Conservancy-inspired options! In no particular order:

Prescribed fire in ponderosa pine forest in fall on Sinlahekin Wildlife Area in Okanogan County. Photo by John Marshall.

Prescribed Fire – Over-the-counter fire will not do the trick here, people! You need the real stuff. Dress up as a doctor and, with your prescription pad, you know what to do! Draw some fire on that and pass it out to those who need it. 

A fresh catch of fish arrives at Phillips Seafood docks next to Pelican Point Seafood Restaurant along the Sapelo River in McIntosh County, Georgia. Photo credit: © Erika Nortemann/TNC

Global Seafood Supply Chain – This one makes an excellent group costume! Have each of your friends dress as a fish, a fisherman, a broker, a packager — and so on and so forth. Link arms and make the chain as long as you want. 

Downspout discharge.  Photo by Michael B. Maine.

Stormwater – This is the gory costume you've always wanted. Find all the taupe-colored clothing you own, put it on, add some oil smears, draw a mitochondria or two on there — really yuck it up. Find a rubber salmon and carry it around all night to show people how serious you are. 

Crab pot retrieval in Grays Harbor County. Photo © Kyle Antonelis/Natural Resources Consultants

Derelict fishing gear – So simple and so affordable! Grab some marine litter to plaster over yourself. Careful trick or treating with this one, though. You may arrive at home with some unintentional bycatch, such as a diver, some fish or a poor scared seabird.

Bob Ross. haiden goggin via Flickr used through CC by 2.0

Bob Ross - What do our Cities team and Bob Ross have in common? They both agree this landscape needs some more happy little trees! With a fun 'fro wig, some bell-bottoms and a painter's palette, you can easily dress like Bob Ross and add happy little trees to where they're needed: our urban spaces. 

Red sun and smoke as seen from lower Methow River area between Pateros and Methow.  Photo by John Marshall.

Smoke - Go as fire's evil sidekick. To successfully dress as smoke, cover yourself in cotton balls and then spray paint your whole outfit a matte dark grey. Add a red sun to up the creepiness factor. If you wear this to a party, be sure to linger and ignore all cultural norms of personal space. 

Geoduck seeds. Photo by Hannah Letinich.

Ocean Acidification - Do you like attending white parties? Do you also have a serious shellfish allergy? Then this morbid costume may be the one for you! Wear lots of blue and stick pH test paper all over yourself. You may want to add crustaceous accessories, but avoid the temptation at all costs. If you must add flare, let it be algal blooms only.

A Kermode bear or "spirit bear" (Ursus americanus kermodei) on Gribbell Island in the Great Bear Rainforest of Canada. The 21-million-acre Great Bear Rainforest is the largest coastal temperate rainforest on Earth. Photo credit: © Jon McCormack

The Emerald Edge – Dress up as a spirit bear! You'll have to get a regular brown bear costume and then bleach it white. For the finishing touch, paint an emerald-green stripe down the edge of one arm and one leg. Bonus points if you can show off your dual citizenship with Canadian and U.S. passports.

Aerial view of the Skagit River Delta where restoration projects have included Fisher Slough, Livingston Bay, and Fir Island Farm. Photo by Marlin Greene/One Earth Images.

Feng Shui Floodplains – Wear all blue to evoke the idea of a river. If you can, make your arms green to look like moving and changing riverbanks and floodplains. Verrrry carefully, in the most harmonious way possible, stick magazine cut outs of furniture around your body. You will feel absolutely fabulous in this knock-off designer floodplain!

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