Written and Photographed by Cailin Mackenzie, Marketing Intern

Last week, Conservancy members explored our conserved land in the Central Cascade region with James Schroeder, Director of Forest Conservation & Partnerships, and Brian Mize, Central Cascades Field Forester.

We smelled Ponderosa pine bark, which smells like vanilla, cinnamon, or even coconut for different people. We learned how a native species like spruce budworm can become a pest because of habitat disturbance and climate change. And we observed how reuniting the fractured Cascades checkerboard will benefit wildlife, water, climate, and people for generations.

There are three more opportunities to hike with us on our new acquisition! Let this special place inspire you on Wednesday, September 16th; Saturday, September 19th; or Sunday, October 4th. RSVP to WaEvents@tnc.org - we’d love to share our work with you!