Meet Rachael Brandt


Rachael is our Project Manager who creates experiences for members, donors, partners and the public that inspire them to support the amazing work we do all over Washington.

Get to know Rachael a little better:

Where are you originally from? 


If you could live anywhere, where would it be? 

I would live on the beach! 

What is your favorite part of nature? 

There is something amazing about the power of the ocean and that there is a whole other world right below the surface. 

Favorite hobby? 

I love to surf but I’ll take any opportunity to spend time in the ocean.

Favorite food?  

Sushi, I know again with the ocean but it’s so important it effects every aspect of my life.

In one simple and plain sentence, what do you do? 

I get to create experiences that inspire people to support the Nature Conservancy.