Laura Potash, Tapash Sustainable Forest Collaborative Coordinator

"Bringing together stakeholders focused on east-side forests."

laura potash.jpg

Laura Potash is the Coordinator for Tapash Sustainable Forest Collaborative. As such, she brings together five major landowners in the central Washington Cascades (The Nature Conservancy, the US Forest Service, the Yakama Nation, the WA Department of Natural Resources, and the WA Department of Fish and Wildlife) to help implement large-scale, cross-boundary forest and aquatic restoration projects. Tapash members believe that through collaboration we can maintain resilient working forest lands and achieve more significant outcomes than by working individually.  Prior to joining The Nature Conservancy, Laura served 23 years as the head Botanist for the Mt Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest; she holds an M.S. in plant ecology from the University of Washington. When not at work, she volunteers as an EMT for the Roslyn Fire Department and continues to pursue her lifetime passion of alpine climbing.