Meet Jodie Toft, Marine Ecologist

Finned and shelled critters in salt water – they’re my thing. Both the ones we eat and the ones we don’t.  Hello marine ecology!

Jodie Toft is the Senior Marine Ecologist and Acting Director of Marine Conservation for The Nature Conservancy in Washington.  She leads a diverse team tackling issues ranging from coastal and marine spatial planning to ways to mitigate the impacts of climate change across our region. Current projects include gear-innovation research with fishermen, and habitat conservation through marine planning across the land-sea interface.

Jodie enjoys diving in on topics from system-level sustainability in fisheries and aquaculture to the role of partnerships in conservation and the current and future impacts of climate change on people and nature. Prior to joining The Nature Conservancy, Jodie spent four years at the Natural Capital Project. There she specialized in development and application of spatially-explicit models to quantify how ecosystem services linked to fish and shellfish change in response to different management regimes and potential impacts of climate change. Jodie received her doctoral degree from the School of Aquatic and Fishery Sciences at the University of Washington and her bachelor’s degree in biology and public policy analysis from Pomona College in California.

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