Jamie Bass, Olympics Field Forester

"From summit to sea, managing coastal forests for long-term sustainability and resiliency."


Jamie Bass is the Olympics Field Forester as part of the Lands Team for The Nature Conservancy in Washington. She works to create healthy forests in Olympic Peninsula watersheds through active management in The Nature Conservancy’s Hoh and Clearwater Forest Reserves. Conservation projects range from stream restoration to forest thinning to invasive species management, while also interfacing with our active and diverse user groups.

Jamie focuses on ecological forestry and is often digging into the ways resilient forest landscapes can sustain local communities while providing missing ecosystem elements to the watershed. Prior to working for The Nature Conservancy, Jamie spent several years implementing forest rehabilitation for the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife lands. There Jamie focused on balancing the needs of recreation, wildlife, and forest health by recreating historic forest spatial heterogeneity and density with the goal of long term functioning of the ecosystem’s natural disturbance ecology. Jamie received her undergraduate degree in Sustainable Forest Management from the University of Washington School of Environmental and Forest Sciences.