On International Women's Day, these women in science inspire us

Women are integral to our conservation work — did you know that 65 percent of the staff in our Washington chapter are women, and 83 percent of our executive team are women, too? We couldn't do our work without their drive and strength of character.

Today is International Women's Day, and we'd like to take the opportunity to highlight some of our women staff members who are truly making a great difference in the world of conservation science: 

Jodie Toft, senior marine ecologist

For Jodie, her love for marine ecology started with playing in tidepools at a young age, "and that has tracked with me my whole life," Learn more about what inspires her and why she loves her job in this video.

Emily Howe, aquatic ecologist

Emily remembers a time when there were so many salmon in a stream, “they would bump your ankles. You could pet them!” But over the years as her family returned to the same stream, she watched those salmon dwindle, a firsthand observation of how humans impact the environment that launched a career.

Jessie Israel, Puget Sound director

A fourth-generation Seattleite, Jessie is well positioned to help make our cities more resilient and livable and develop natural solutions to stormwater and pollution. Jessie has a 20-year track record of bringing together groups to invest in local community development, environmental and equity issues. She truly cares about this place many of us call home.