Zen at Foulweather Bluff

By Randi Shaw, Stewardship Manager

I took this video snippet at Foulweather Bluff while wrapping up our required yearly monitoring visit. 

Foulweather Bluff always brings me peace — its existence a reassurance that land conservation is a necessary pursuit for the soul as well as the planet.

This little stretch of forest and coastline never fails to provide a special delight, whether it’s the childlike joy of my coworkers, the devotion of its volunteer committee or yet another captivating nature moment. I have flushed a dozen herons here, found sea-mammal skeletons and observed mountains and water — in contrasting motion and stillness.

But my latest visit contained perhaps my best discovery yet. Check out my favorite 2017 moment of zen:

Studies show that experiencing nature contributes to our health and wellness. So as your year progresses, I hope you can find your own place of zen out in nature.

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Banner photo © Cameron Karsten Photography.