Foulweather Bluff & Cobalt

On Friday July 11th a team of 11 volunteers from Cobalt Automotive Marketing Solutions took a day out of their busy work week to come tackle a patch of invasive Yellow Archangel at our Foulweather Bluff Preserve in Hansville, WA. No one knows how this noxious weed was introduced to the area, but thanks to their efforts we can be sure that it will not be spreading to different parts of the preserve!

Roots left underground can re-sprout, so the team had to be extra careful to remove it gently. Because of their careful work native plants that support local birds and animals can reclaim that area. It was a beautiful day, with a light breeze and sunshine โ€“ and definitely not all work and no play!

The Cobalt crew took a guided tour of the preserve led by volunteer docents Tom and Sally where they learned about the history of our Pacific Northwest forests and saw some impressive nurse logs and snags. We all enjoyed lunch and some low-tide exploration on the beach, which included checking out some really cool shore crabs in the surf and aggregating anemones and barnacles on the rocks.

We like to give our sincerest thank you to Cobalt! Your team rocks!