Coalition Including Nature Conservancy Files Ballot Initiative for Cleaner Future

Clean air, healthy children, safety from wildfire and flooding. These are things we all value and together we may soon get the chance to vote for them!

The Nature Conservancy is part of a diverse coalition filing a ballot initiative to protect Washington’s land, air and water and move us toward a strong, healthy, clean-energy economy. It would invest in clean-energy infrastructure, such as wind and solar, healthy forests and clean water, creating thousands of well-paying jobs across the state while cutting pollution. This is paid for with a fee on large sources of industrial pollution.


This measure will invest in the future of Washington

How the money would be spent:

  • Investments in job-creating projects such as renewable energy, clean transportation and farms and forests that capture carbon

  • Assist people in the transition to a clean energy economy such as retraining and relocation support for fossil fuel workers.

  • Investments in clean water and health forests include restoring estuaries and fisheries, preparing for sea level rise, treating stormwater and improving resilience to wildfires in our forests

  • Help low-income rural and urban communities prepare for the challenges caused by climate change

See full details on what's in the initiative

We know that carbon pollution is already harming people and nature, and science tells us communities will increasingly feel the impacts of our changing climate. Together we can clean up this mess by investing in clean-energy and nature-based solutions while cutting the amount of carbon in our air. We can achieve this through a bold, citizen-driven ballot initiative.

The Nature Conservancy is all-in on this initiative. “Climate change represents the most serious threat to our communities,” says Mike Stevens, Washington state director for The Nature Conservancy. “This initiative puts our state on the path to cutting emissions while giving people the resources they need to deal with effects of climate change that are already impacting us. The Nature Conservancy is proud to be part of this incredibly diverse coalition that has come together to create a cleaner, healthier future for Washington.”

East Simcoe Block, owned by Western Pacific Timber at time of photo. Location is northeast of Goldendale and southeast of Satus Pass, Washington. © 2014 John F Marshall

Our state has a unique opportunity to lead on this issue while protecting the things that make our home so special: clean water and air, healthy landscapes and thriving businesses.