Watch: Climate-Change Detectives in the Classroom

"When you help kids figure out the problem, you help them become a part of the solution."

Students in Seattle may not fully understand the impacts of climate change on Puget Sound and the coastal economies that rely on its health. But the future of Washington's natural resources directly align with their futures, too. 

Ocean acidification is already impacting shellfish growing operations in the Sound. We brought hands-on experiments to classrooms that allowed students to explore these issues. Learning about climate change and its impacts on their environment can make a lasting impression, engaging today’s youth to become tomorrow’s advocates in support of healthy ecosystems and economies.                      

"I left the classroom that day with high hopes for the future of climate action, says Jackson Blalock, our Marc Hershman Marine Policy Fellow. "I was impressed by the students’ understanding that climate change does not just affect polar bears, but is a pressing concern for many species — humans included — in a diversity of ways. And, of course, I will always laugh as I remember clarifying that we were measuring 'salinity,' not 'sanity.'"

Watch these ocean detectives in action in our new video below:

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