A Partnership That Pays Environmental Dividends

When partnering with a company that specializes in environmentally and ethically created water vessels, you better believe that everyone shows up with their favorite reusable water bottle. 

In late September, staff of PMI (Pacific Market International), the makers of Aladdin, Stanley and miGo water bottles, took a day from the office and put on work gloves to help manage invasive weeds at our Port Susan Bay preserve. Not one single-use plastic bottle was in sight, and everyone's drinks stayed ice cold, even as temperatures approached 80 degrees.

A PMI staff member with a bag full of invasive species. Photo © Randi Shaw / TNC

About 16 volunteers broke into two groups, tackling a large patch of blackberries and making a significant dent in areas of bittersweet nightshade. The group was rewarded for their effort with beautiful blue skies on a warm day, with views of Mount Baker in the distance.

The Nature Conservancy completed an 11-year restoration project at Port Susan Bay in 2012, restoring 150 acres of wetland habitat for shore birds and salmon. Volunteer projects like these are crucial in continuing the stewardship of restoring the natural nearshore and river ecosystems. We appreciate PMI making an investment in the success of our conservation work by loaning us their staff for a day. 

Aside from this work party, PMI has partnered with The Nature Conservancy to support our Emerald Edge work, where we are working with indigenous peoples to conserve 100 million acres of coastal temperate rainforest.

PMI and Nature Conservancy staff at Port Susan Bay. Photo © Randi Shaw / TNC

According to PMI, "Aladdin and The Nature Conservancy share values of social responsibility and environmental stewardship, and our commitment to working together to inspire consumers and advance sustainability is truly empowering for people and the planet."

Thank you to PMI for supporting our mission, and everyone who joined us out in the field for this work party.

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