Volunteers Plant Trees on Cle Elum Ridge

By Brian Straniti, Central Cascades Community Coordinator

Claire Kurlychek motivates volunteers. ©TNC

I could hardly believe it. Memorial Day weekend, in the rain, almost a dozen volunteers showed up to plant tree saplings along the hillside in the Central Cascades Forest where the 2017 Jolly Mountain Fire scarred the land.

This altruistic miracle is mainly due to persistent volunteer recruitment by our AmeriCorps staff member Claire Kurlychek. One volunteer told me “I though Claire was using some sort of algorithm to address me personally. Then I realized she is reaching out to me personally, she knows who I am, I had better show up!”

Our Central Cascades volunteers are charged and ready. These folks planted around 450 trees in just under three hours and enjoyed the endeavor. I have since received e-mails thanking us (wait, don't we thank them?) for the enjoyable opportunity and anticipating more events.

Volunteers after a successful tree-planting day in the rain. © TNC

We will be putting these folks back to work soon, helping to build the new multi-use up-track and mountain bike down-track out of Ronald as a part of the Towns to Teanaway Trails Project and providing event ambassador opportunities throughout the summer. I am energized to be a part of the refurbished Volunteer Coordination Program here in Central Washington, which would not be possible without our wonderful AmeriCorps staff members! 

Volunteer with us!

Banner photo © Tomas Corsini, volunteer photographer